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Term Definition
GA general agent
GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
GAAS Generally Accepted Auditing Standards
GAB General Adjustment Bureau
GAMA General Agents and Managers Association
GAMC General Agents and Managers Conference
GAO Government Accountability Office
GAP guaranteed auto protection

An automobile insurance option, available in some states, that covers the difference between a car’s actual cash value when it is stolen or wrecked and the amount the consumer owes the leasing or finance company. Mainly used for leased cars. (See Actual cash value )

GASB Governmental Accounting Standards Board
GC guaranteed cost
GCCI Guy Carpenter Catastrophe Index
GCD guaranteed cost discount
GCW gross combination weight
GENERALLY ACCEPTED ACCOUNTING PRINCIPLES/GAAP Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) accounting is used in financial statements that publicly held companies prepare for the Securities and Exchange Commission. (See?Statutory accounting principles/SAP?)

uto crash parts produced by firms that are not associated with car manufacturers. Insurers consider these parts, when certified, at least as good as those that come from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). They are often cheaper than the identical part produced by the OEM. (See Crash parts, Aftermarket parts, Competitive replacement parts, Original equipment manufacturer parts / OEM )

GFCI ground fault circuit interrupter
GHAA Group Health Association of America
GIC guaranteed investment contract
GIO guaranteed insurability option
GKLL garagekeepers legal liability (insurance)
GL general liability
GLASS INSURANCE Coverage for glass breakage caused by all risks; fire and war are sometimes excluded. Insurance can be bought for windows, structural glass, leaded glass and mirrors. Available with or without a deductible.
GLB Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
GNEPI gross/net earned premium income
GNMA Government National Mortgage Association
GNPI gross/net premium income
GNWPI gross/net written premium income
GPO Government Printing Office; guaranteed purchase option

Licenses for younger drivers that allow them to improve their skills. Regulations vary by state, but often restrict nighttime driving. Young drivers receive a learner’s permit, followed by a provisional license, before they can receive a standard driver’s license.


Financial services legislation, passed by Congress in 1999, that removed Depression era prohibitions against the combination of commercial banking and investment banking activities. It allows insurance companies, banks and securities firms to engage in each others’ activities and own one another.

GROUP INSURANCE A single policy covering a group of individuals, usually employees of the same company or members of the same association and their dependents. Coverage occurs under a master policy issued to the employer or association.
GUARANTEE PERIOD Period during which the level of interest specified under a fixed annuity is guaranteed.
GUARANTEED DEATH BENEFIT Basic death benefits guaranteed under variable annuity contracts.
GUARANTEED INCOME CONTRACT / GIC Often an option in an employer-sponsored retirement savings plan. Contract between an insurance company and the plan that guarantees a stated rate of return on invested capital over the life of the contract.
GUARANTEED LIVING BENEFIT A guarantee in a variable annuity that a certain level of annuity payment will be maintained. Serves as a protection against investment risks. Several types exist.

Homeowners policy that pays the full cost of replacing or repairing a damaged or destroyed home, even if it is above the policy limit. (See Extended replacement cost coverage)


The mechanism by which solvent insurers ensure that some of the policyholder and third-party claims against insurance companies that fail are paid. Such funds are required in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, but the type and amount of claim covered by the fund varies from state to state. Some states pay policyholders’ unearned premiums—the portion of the premium for which no coverage was provided because the company was insolvent. Some have deductibles. Most states have no limits on workers compensation payments. Guaranty funds are supported by assessments on insurers doing business in the state.

GULP Group Universal Life Program
GUN LIABILITY A legal concept that holds gun manufacturers liable for the cost of injuries caused by guns. Several cities have filed lawsuits based on this concept.
GVW gross vehicle weight
GWP gross written premium

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